Payments with prepaid pin codes

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 09:26 administrator

Processing is fast and easy, by logging into the website of the accepting company, choose paysafe as your payment method. You will be directed to the Paysafe pin registration site, enter your 16digit paysafe code, accept conditions , confirm and your payment will be credited. Paysafe pin codes are sold in 10,25,50 100 euro denominations.

Like Paysafe, Ukash has the same applicability. Payments are made and accepted immediately through denominated pin codes from the accepting online site. The Values are in 10,20, 50, and 100 euros and we offer them to you at the same currency or the prevailing rate of your local currency. Login to our shop,click on your desired Ukash amount, complete our payment process and continue with your entertainment or purchase. One very good advantage of this payment method is that most of the accepting companies do not charge you extra for the cards. We do not charge commission on the sales too. It is a click and buy product

Our currency converter will show you your desired amount in your local currency.

You can easily get assistance from our partners in Germany, Spain and Italy.